Dr. Katharina Kitzinger


Abteilung Biogeochemie

MPI for Marine Microbiology
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+49 421 2028-649

Dr. Katharina Kitzinger

Tra­di­tion­ally, am­mo­nia ox­id­izers are thought to only make their liv­ing from con­vert­ing am­mo­nia to ni­trite. However, there is evid­ence that some am­mo­nia ox­id­izers can also use simple forms of or­ganic ni­tro­gen such as urea and cy­anate.

To un­der­stand the en­vir­on­mental im­port­ance of simple or­ganic ni­tro­gen com­pounds for am­mo­nia ox­id­izers, I am com­bin­ing biogeo­chem­ical rate meas­ure­ments with mo­lecu­lar and single cell ana­lyses.
Ad­di­tion­ally, I study the use of or­ganic ni­tro­gen com­pounds by ni­tri­fier en­rich­ment cul­tures and I am de­vel­op­ing new in­cub­a­tion tech­niques to re­duce cross-feed­ing in stable iso­tope in­cub­a­tions.

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