On-board Sequencing

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On-site community analyses: Sequencing on board a research ship

We developed and successfully used a next-generation sequencing pipeline to study the microbial diversity of the remotest part of the world's oceans, the South Pacific Gyre, already on board the research ship 'TFS Sonne'.

The set-up for 16S rRNA tag sequencing basically consists of an Ion Torrent Sequencer and a mobile installation of the SILVAngs pipeline (in cooperation with the Microbial Genomics group). The time from sampling to results was less than 36 h  (Reintjes et al., in preparation).

TFS Sonne amidst the Southern Pacific Gyre
TFS Sonne amidst the Southern Pacific Gyre, © S. Nicholas, MPI-MM
Sequencing on board
OneTouch (left) and Ion Torrent Sequencer (right); on the floor out picture: the Ion Torrent server. © T. Ferdelman, MPI-MM
Fragment Analyser
Fragment Analyzer for checking DNA quality and quantity for sequencing on the Ion Torrent. © T. Ferdelman, MPI-MM
offline SILVAngs classification
Our transportable sever with the offline version of the SILVAngs classification system based on the SILVA 16S rRNA database.© G. Reintjes, MPI-MM
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