Curriculum Vitae

Group Leader

Greenhouse Gases Research Group

Dr. Jana Milucka

MPI for Marine Microbiology
Celsiusstr. 1
D-28359 Bremen




+49 421 2028-634

Dr. Jana Milucka

since Mar 2018

Research Group leader  (Research Group Greenhouse Gases)
Sept 2015 - Feb 2018
Project leader at Dpt. of Biogeochemistry (Methane and sulfur cycling)
Sept 2014 - Aug 2015 maternity leave
Mar 2011 - Aug 2014 Post-doctoral Student at Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Germany (Dpt. of Biogeochemistry/Dpt. of Microbiology)
Sept 2006 - Feb 2011 Ph. D. in Microbiology at Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Germany (Dpt. of Microbiology)
Thesis title: Dissimilatory sulfur metabolism coupled to anaerobic oxidation of methane
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Friedrich Widdel
Jun 2003 - Jun 2006 M.Sc. in Molecular biology at Institute of Experimental Medicine, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Thesis title: Analysis of molecular determinants responsible for subcellular localisation of nuclear DNA helicase II
Oct 2001 - Jun 2003 Undergraduate studies at Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic


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