Research Projects

Research Projects

I am primar­ily in­volved in the fol­low­ing research projects (just short over­views):

Subtidal Sandy Sediments:

(with Moritz Holtappels,Christian Winter, David Probandt, Knut Krämer, Dirk deBeer, Dirk Koopmans, Hannah Marchant, and others)

Biogeochemical cycling in sandy sediments

Former project funding by MARUM– Zen­trum für Mar­ine Um­weltwis­senschaften (CCP5, 2013-2017): Collaboration between the MARUM – Zen­trum für Mar­ine Um­weltwis­senschaften and Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology. Research funding continued by MPI MM.

Marine Aggregates

(with Clarissa Karthäuser, Clara Flintrop, Tim Ferdelman, Morten Iversen, Arzhang Khalili and others)

Biogeochemical processes in and around sinking aggregates.

MPG-Project: MARMA Collaboration project between Max Planck Instiute for Marine Microbiology and Max Planck Institute for Meterology (Hamburg) 

SFB-754: Collaborative Research Center 754 / Sonderforschungsbereich 754 Link

Biogeochemical Cycling on Beaches 

(with Hannah Marchant, Janek Greskowiak, Hannelore Waska and others)

BIME-Project: Funded by Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst. Collaboration project between Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Ocean (ICBM) and Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology




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