Magda Cardozo Mino

PhD Student

HGF MPG Joint Research Group for Deep-Sea Ecology and Technology

MPI for Marine Microbiology
Celsiusstr. 1
D-28359 Bremen




+49 421 2028-863

Magda Cardozo Mino

Main Research Interests

I am currently working on the com­ple­ti­on of the first quan­ti­ta­ti­ve sur­vey of bac­te­ri­al and ar­chae­al communities in the main wa­ter mas­ses of the Fram Strait. Ana­ly­ses inclu­de the quan­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of to­tal cell num­bers, as well as the re­la­ti­ve ab­un­dance of the domains Bacteria and Archaea using CARD-FISH (ca­ta­ly­zed re­por­ter de­po­si­ti­on-fluo­re­scence in situ hy­bri­di­za­t­i­on) pro­bes.

The SAR202 Chlo­rof­le­xi ac­count for up to 30% of the bac­te­ri­al com­mu­ni­ty in meso- and ba­t­hy­pel­agic wa­ters of the open oce­an. In se­di­ments, they usual­ly con­sti­tu­te 1-3% of the com­mu­ni­ty. Only in the last few months, stu­dies pos­tu­la­ted their eco­phy­sio­lo­gi­cal func­tion, i.e. the de­gra­da­ti­on of re­cal­cit­rant or­ga­nic mat­ter. The aim of my master thesis is to analyze SAR202 se­quence da­ta­sets from Arc­tic wa­ter and se­di­ments, and to investigate their spe­ci­fic ab­un­dan­ces, in order to de­fi­ne the eco­lo­gi­cal ni­che of SAR202, and to shed some light on a pos­si­ble bent­hic-pel­agic cou­pling of spe­ci­fic phy­lo­ty­pes or func­tio­nal groups of mi­cro­or­ga­nisms in the dark oce­an.

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