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ERC Advanced Grant ABYSS -

Assessment of Bacterial Life and Matter Cycling in Deep-Sea Surface Sediments
Project leader: Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius

The long-term observatory HAUSGARTEN in the eastern Fram Strait represents a base of ecological studies in the Arctic deep sea since 1999. This observatory provides a unique opportunity to study the effects of variations in physical properties of the Arctic Ocean, and their impacts on organic matter export and deep-sea benthic communities.
In this project my role is to identify the dominant bacterial taxa using Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) on sediment samples from different depths representing different conditions of organic matter input. The CARD-FISH approach, using specific probes for hand-selected groups of interest, allows a verification and expansion of the results of sequencing techniques, and further better the elucidation of taxon-specific responses to changes in organic matter supply.

Previous Project


ESF founded project BIOFUN (BIOdiversity and ecosystem FUNctioning in deep seas)

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