Peer-reviewed publications

In prep. Pala C., Manini E., Molari M., Bartoli M., Nizzoli D., Viaroli P. and Lueders T. (in preparation) Identification of Ammonia Oxidizing Organisms and their role in Estuarine Ecosystems.
  Pala C., Molari M., Bartoli M., Nizzoli D., Viaroli P. and Manini E. (in preparation) Prokaryotic community structure and their distribution in the sediments of a transitional ecosystem (Sacca di Goro, Italy).
2013 Giovannelli D., Molari M., d’Errico G., Baldrighi E., Pala C. and Manini E. (2013) Large-scale distribution and activity of prokaryotes in deep-sea surface sediments of the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent Atlantic Ocean. PLoS ONE doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0072996.



2014 Pala C. (2014) Ph.D. Thesis. The role of Archaea in the nitrogen cycle of lagoon sediments. University of Parma. [link]
2010 Pala C. (2010) Master Thesis. Distribution of Bacteria and Archaea in the different water masses of the Mediterranean basin. Polytechnic University of Marche.


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