Microbes and Nitrate


How microbes deal with nitrate. New Science study could help to improve fertilizers and reduce green house gasses. [more]

How Nitrogen gets into the Ocean


Nitrogen is essential for most of the organisms. [more]

Symbiosis in the seas


Official opening of the Department of Symbiosis at the Max Planck Institute. [more]

Enigmatic Methane


A study in Nature Geoscience solves a biogeochemical riddle from the ocean floor [more]

Toxic Ocean Conditions During Major Extinction 93.9 Million Years Ago


International study points to an ancient oxygen-free and hydrogen sulfide-rich ocean that may foreshadow our future [more]

Further Press Releases

Further press releases here.

Max Planck Lecture

Invitational Seminar at the Max Planck Institute

On Monday, September 22, 2014

(MBL, Bay Paul Center, Woods Hole, USA)

will give a lecture with the title

 "Exploring microbial world through information theory: Tales of subtle nucleotide variation”

Host: Dr. Hanno Teeling, Department of Molecular Ecology, MPI

Please join us at 14:00 in the Max Planck Lecture Hall
Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology
Celsiusstraße 1, 28359 Bremen. www.mpi-bremen.de
Map of the Campus: www.mpi-bremen.de/en/Map_2.html