Ocean Acidification



Deep-sea hot vents and climate


How deep-sea hot vents affect our climate – new “Nature Geosciences” publication [more]

Deep-sea mussels with highly toxic tenants


Deep-sea mussels with highly toxic tenants [more]

Web log RV Sonne in the Pacific Ocean


Scientists write reports on board of the German Research Vessel Sonne in the Pacific Ocean. [more]

Learning from Nature


Learning from Nature: Genomic database standard alleviates search for novel antibiotics
Penicillin and other secondary metabolites

10 Years City of Science


A presentation for the public: Science in Bremen [more]

Hazardous Diet: How Earthworms protect themselves against toxic plant ingredients


Scientists discover defense mechanism in earthworms [more]

Alpha-Campus Talks Nicole Dubilier


Der Meereswurm Olavius hat eine Besonderheit: Er besitzt weder Mund noch Darm und ernährt sich dennoch – und zwar dank seiner bakteriellen Symbionten. [more]

From seashore to seabed and back


22 young students from the University of Osnabrück on their visit to the Max Planck Institute [more]

Oases in the Deep Sea


For a long time the deep sea was regarded as an extreme hostile environment. Meanwhile researchers have demonstrated that methane seeps at the bottom of the oceans are oases for life. [more]

Methane seeps: Oases in the deep sea


First global study of microbial communities at gas seeps in the deep sea shows the distribution and diversity of methane-consuming microorganisms. The specific energy source selects for unique microorganisms, which turn these ecosystems into hotspots of diversity in the deep sea. [more]

Further Press Releases

Further press releases here.

Max Planck Lecture

Invitational Seminar at the Max Planck Institute

on Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dr. Alexandra Z. Worden (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, UC Santa Cruz)

will give a lecture with the title

"Phytoplankton controls in an increasingly stratified ocean"

Host: Prof. Dr. Nicole Dubilier, MPI

Please join us at 15:00 in the Max Planck Lecture Hall
Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology
Celsiusstraße 1, 28359 Bremen. www.mpi-bremen.de
Map of the Campus: www.mpi-bremen.de/en/Map_2.html