Microbial symbionts and meta-organisms:


Microbial symbionts and meta-organisms: No creature lives for itself
New DFG Collaborative Research Centre approved. [more]

MPI Seminars


Invitation to the MPI seminar
Friday, November 13, 3:00 pm
Prof. M. Holmer: Sulfide intrusion and sulfide tolerance in seagrasses [more]

A biosphere without borders


A biosphere without borders
Call for a global effort to unlock the Earth’s microbiome [more]

How Microorganisms organise their power supply via nano-wires


Heavily Wired: How Microorganisms organise their power supply via nano-wires to oxidise the greenhouse gas methane [more]

Deep-sea hot vents and climate


How deep-sea hot vents affect our climate – new “Nature Geosciences” publication [more]

Deep-sea mussels with highly toxic tenants


Deep-sea mussels with highly toxic tenants [more]

Hazardous Diet: How Earthworms protect themselves against toxic plant ingredients


Scientists discover defense mechanism in earthworms [more]

Oases in the Deep Sea


For a long time the deep sea was regarded as an extreme hostile environment. Meanwhile researchers have demonstrated that methane seeps at the bottom of the oceans are oases for life. [more]

Methane seeps: Oases in the deep sea


First global study of microbial communities at gas seeps in the deep sea shows the distribution and diversity of methane-consuming microorganisms. The specific energy source selects for unique microorganisms, which turn these ecosystems into hotspots of diversity in the deep sea. [more]

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