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MARUM Research Award for Clarissa Karthäuser

Mar 7, 2022

Clarissa Karthäuser receives this year's MARUM Research Prize for her dissertation "Sinking particles control fixed nitrogen-loss from the Peruvian oxygen minimum zone". The award is presented to young marine scientists who have written outstanding master's or doctoral theses.


„The MARUM Research Award is a great recognition for my research on anaerobic microbial processes in and around sinking biological matter,“ says Karthäuser. „My thanks go to the many people who supported me during my PhD and made this project possible, especially my supervisors Marcel Kuypers, Soeren Ahmerkamp and Hannah Marchant.“ Karthäuser now works as a PostDoc at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, USA (WHOI). „The award motivates me a lot for my future work and also helps me in a very practical way to implement my new ideas now as a postdoc at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.“

Clarissa Karthäuser wrote her dissertation in the Biogeochemistry Department and defended it on 17 December 2021. We congratulate Clarissa very warmly on this award!

Clarissa Karthäuser
Clarissa Karthäuser (Photo: Alina Esken/Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology)

Award-winning research: How bacteria clean the ocean

Karthäuser's doctoral thesis focused on biological material that grows on the ocean surface and then sinks into deeper water layers. Where a lot of biological material comes down, bacteria remove nitrogenous nutrients from the water, like in a sewage treatment plant. „I've been researching why the bacteria rely on the sinking material and how we can better estimate how much nitrogen they remove from the ocean,” Karthäuser explains. „My results may make it possible in the future to better understand and predict nutrient cycles.“

The MARUM Research Award for Marine Sciences

The MARUM - Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences of the University of Bremen annually issues the MARUM Research Award for Marine Sciences. This prize is awarded to outstanding master's or doctoral theses that have been written over the past two years by young marine scientists at the University of Bremen. The prize money of up to € 3,000 is to be used as a scholarship and is intended to benefit the scientific objectives of the awardee.

The MARUM Research Award for Marine Sciences is awarded in cooperation with the „Verein zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung in der Freien Hansestadt Bremen (VFwF e.V.)“

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