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Research Projects

Projects (all projects in the Microsensor Group):

Transport and mineralization processes in intertidal plates

WATT project, with Eva Walpersdorf, Ursula Werner, Lubos Polerecky, Stefan Jansen, Tim Ferdelman, Frank Wenzhöfer, Michael Böttcher and others.
site: Waddensea

Calcification mechanisms in Foraminifera

GIF project, with Stefanie Köhler-Rink.
site: Red Sea

Sulfur and nitrogen conversions in mariculture biofilms

GIF project, with Armin Gieseke, Carsten Schwermer.
sites: Eilat and Rehovot, Israel; Busum, Schleswig-Holstein

Nitrate accumulating sulfur bacteria

with Susanne Hinck, Bo Barker Jørgensen, Antje Boetius, Helge Niemann and others.
sites: hypersaline mats (Spain), deep sea vents, Baltic Sea.

Anaerobic oxidation of methane

MUMM project, with Antje Boetius, Ursula Witte, Helge Niemann and many others.
sites: deepsea cold seeps

Photosynthesis, carbon flow and calcification in microbial mats

with Raeid Abed, Henk Jonkers, Ami Bachar, Susanne Hinck, Lubos Polerecky and others.
sites: La Salada de Chiprana, Spain; Persian Gulf, Saoudi Arabia & Dubai

Influence of bioventilation on benthic processes

with Peter Stief, Uli Franke, Lubos Polerecky.
sites: River Rhine, Waddensea

Marine snow


Microbially mediated damage of corals

With Miriam Weber.
Sites: Mediterranean, Great Barrier Reef

Sensor development

With Lubos Polerecky (microimaging), Ami Bachar, Stefanie Köhler-Rink and Heinz Filthuth (new needle-shaped sensors), and all our valued technicians.
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