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Expedition MS126: Hydrothermalquellen am mittelatlantischen Rücken

Meteor cruise MS1226

Hydrothermal vents on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Interdisciplinary biological, chemical and geological studies at hydrothermal vent fields on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Department of Symbiosis

Prof. Dr. Nicole Dubilier

MPI for Marine Microbiology
Celsiusstr. 1
D-28359 Bremen




+49 421 2028-932

Prof. Dr. Nicole Dubilier

Questions asked

The goal of this cruise is to understand the links between geophysical, geochemical and biological processes at hydrothermal vents. We will visit four hydrothermal vent fields located between 13°N and 15°N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Logatchev, Semenov, Irinovskoe and Ashadze.
- What are the local controls on hydrothermal venting and animal communities?

- What are the dominant geofuels in the vent fluids and plume, and how do these influence the composition and distribution of the microbial communities?

- How do viruses affect the biogeochemistry and ecology of vents?
Our main working platform during the 23 working days will be the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) QUEST from MARUM, Bremen.
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