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Superresolution Microscopy

Superresolution microscopy allows us to visualize microstructures below the diffraction limit. 

The techniques Su­per­res­olu­tion Struc­tured Il­lu­min­a­tion (SR-SIM) and Pho­to­activ­ated Loc­al­iz­a­tion Mi­cro­scopy (PALM) are combined with our con­focal laser scan­ning mi­cro­scope. more ...

Our latest superresolution instrument is based on the Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED)[1] technique.

The Abberior Instruments easy3D STED can provide a lateral resolution below 25 nm and a 3D resolution of up to 60 nm.

The instrument includes the methodes pulsed-STED[2], gated-STED[3],[4], and RESCue STED[5]. It is the first STED microscope with MINFIELD[6] technique on the commercial market.

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Technical features

Excitation laserSTED laserDetection*
405 nm (cw, 50 mW)

 450/50 nm

440 nm (pulsed, 500 µW)
  595 nm
(pulsed, 1 W)

 509/22 nm

485 nm (pulsed, 1 mW)

 525/50 nm or

  518 nm (pulsed, 300 µW)  

 545/24 nm

561 nm (pulsed, 300 µW)
  775 nm
(pulsed, 3 W)
 605/50 nm or
   615/20 nm
640 nm (pulsed, 1 mW)
 685/70 nm

 *single-photon-counting avalanche photodiode (apd module)



Reservation STED


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Andreas Ellrott


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