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TREAD - European workshop on Bremen

At the 13th and 14th of October the "European workshop on heavy metal contaminated, marine sediments" will take place in Bremen. The workshop will be organized by the Max Planck Institue for Marine Microbiology and the participating scientists.
TREAD (Transport, Reactions and Dynamics of Heavy Metals in Contaminated Marine Sediments) is a research project carried out under the European Commission’s Fifth Framework Programme (EVK-CT-2002-00081) to set out new standards for the management of contaminated sediments based on scientific results. Ultimately, the scientific results shall be used to harmonize legislation for contaminant sediments.

Through this workshop we wish to present the results from TREAD and to discuss the consequences with stake-holders. Based on this dialog we wish to develop recommendations for future sediment management strategies.

More informations about TREAD you will find here.

Informations about the programme and the registration form you will find here.

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