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29.12.2015 Ultrapac: Across the Pacific Ocean

Dec 29, 2015
Finally the cruise starts. Read the first report from Clara.
Today on 29 December 2015 we got the first message from the Sonne Crew.

Clara writes:

"Greetings from the RV Sonne, welcome on board!
After some days of waiting on the Chilean harbour of Antofagasta, we are finally sailing, away from land and into the Pacific. The delivery of both scientific equipment and the ship's own spare parts was delayed, and no one was willing to travel five weeks of oceanic desert without them! We acclimatised and enjoyed the summer sun in a weather quite unusual for many of us in the Christmas season. However, Christmas came early this year in the form of a green container.
Hop! And on it went and our journey began.

One of the first tasks of research on board a scientific vessel is to set up your own lab and equipment from scratch. Doing so on a moving ship can be quite a challenge, but the waters of the Tropical Pacific are very calm. As we steam, they very soon turn their green colour to a deep, unusual blue. We are heading into one of the most pristine ocean regions, containing the clearest waters.

The day of Christmas Eve finds our group of 32 scientists busy finishing and testing lab equipment, running around like Santa's elves on the preparation of the big day: our first sampling takes place on Christmas day. However, everything slows down in the afternoon as Christmas celebrations begin. We have not one, but two Christmas trees set up at teatime with all kinds of sweets and cookies (and carols in the background, of course). Soon after dinner, Santa arrived on board and left a full set of presents to us all (including a CTD rosette!).

That rosette was casted on the following day, and our Christmas CTD delivered us our irst water from the Pacific :)

Clara Martinez Perez
Dr. Manfred Schloesser
Press officer
Tel.: +49 421 2028 704
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Dr. Fanni Aspetsberger
Press officer
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Clara Martinez Perez
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Last reported at 2015-Dec-29 13:00 UTC. Time now 2015-Dec-29 14:01 UTC.
Position S 23°30' W 094°06'.
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