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Tailor-made instead of off-the-shelf: Where we work, standard equipment is generally not good enough. High pressures, large temperature differences and the uncertainties of currents and waves – our equipment needs to withstand all of this. Our in-house workshops design, build and adapt, screw and solder – to develop the right instrument for our research.

The electronics workshop

In the elec­tron­ics work­shop, the tech­ni­cians de­velop elec­tron­ics for re­search equip­ment that must func­tion un­der very dif­fi­cult en­vir­on­mental and op­er­at­ing con­di­tions. These devices and ap­pli­ances can­not be pur­chased. Many of the devices used by re­search­ers at our In­sti­tute need to func­tion when im­mersed in wa­ter. More...

The mechanics workshop

The technicians in the mechanics workshop ensure that the electronics are protected in the best possible way from the harsh environmental conditions in the sea. For ex­ample, they build racks, mounts, cas­ings, bat­tery hous­ings, and (pres­sure-res­ist­ant) tanks for use in shal­low wa­ter as well as for re­search pro­jects in the deep sea. More...


In the Landerhalle, the focus is on the use of research equipment at sea. For example, the employees build measuring equipment for the use with ROVs, they maintain the research equipment after excursions, they take care of the logistics so that the research equipment is on the ship right in time, and they regularly also go on board. More...

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