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The Research Group Greenhouse Gases investigates microbial processes that lead to the production and consumption of methane and nitrous oxide in aquatic environments. We aim to identify microbial processes, the responsible microorganisms and the metabolic capacities of these microorganisms in marine and freshwater water columns and sediments.

Our research has a strong field going aspect but we complement on-site biogeochemical studies with extensive laboratory-based experimental and analytical work.

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Recent News and Publications

17. March – 7. April 2019

Field work in the Peruvian OMZ

We joined an expedition to work in the coastal oxygen minimum zone off Peru to investigate microbial processes contributing to nitrous oxide cycling in these oxygen-deficient waters.

meadow of Posidonia oceanica - underwater image (c) HYDRA

22 – 29. September 2018

Working in the seagrass meadows on Elba

We joined an expedition to the island of Elba to investigate microbial processes contributing to methane cycling in the seagrass meadows of Posidonia oceanica.


1 – 20. July 2018

Onboard RV Meteor in the Benguela upwelling

We joined expedition M148/2 of R/V Meteor to investigate microbial processes producing and consuming the trace greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide in the Benguela Upwelling System and physical and geochemical controls regulating these processes.

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15. June 2018

New Paper - Bloom of Methylomirabilis limnetica in a stratified lake

A new study, lead by J. Graf, just came out in Environmental Microbiology. We show that non-steady state conditions can trigger a bloom of Candidatus Methylomirabilis limnetica, a new species of the NC10 group of denitrifying methanotrophs. We reconstructed a genome of M. limnetica and show that it somewhat differs from M. oxyfera in that it e.g. contains gas vesicles.

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