Matthew Sullivan "Ocean vir­uses: Re-ima­gin­ing pat­terns, pro­cesses and paradigms in the global oceans"

28.03.2018, 16:00


Mittwoch, 28. März 2018 
im neuen Auditorium (4012), 16 Uhr

Matthew Sullivan (The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA)

gibt ein Seminar mit dem Titel:

"Ocean viruses: Re-imagining patterns, processes and paradigms in the global oceans"


Microbes are recently recognized as driving the energy and nutrient transformations that fuel Earth’s ecosystems in soils, oceans and humans. Where studied, viruses appear to modulate these microbial impacts in ways ranging from mortality and nutrient recycling to complete metabolic reprogramming during infection. I will share insights from the Tara Oceans global oceanographic research expedition which help establish ocean viruses as key players in the ocean ecosystem — globally.

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