Publikationen 2001

Publikationen 2001

Department of Biogeochemistry

Bian, L., K.-U. Hinrichs, T. Xie, S. C. Brassell, N. Iversen, H. Fossing, B.B. Jørgensen and J. M. Hayes: Algal and archaeal polyisoprenoids in a recent marine sediment: Molecular isotopic evidence for anaerobic oxidation of methane. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 2:1-22 (2001).  Wiley  Full Text
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Flux Group

Boudreau, B. P., M. Huettel , S. Forster, R. A. Jahnke, A. McLachlan, J. J. Middelburg, P. Nielsen, F. Sansone, G. Taghon, W. Van Raaphorst, I. Webster, J. M. Weslawski, P. Wiberg and B. Sundby: Permeable marine sediments: overturning an old paradigm. EOS 82(11):133-136 (2001).  Wiley  Full Text
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Microsensor Group

Abed, R. and F. Garcia-Pichel: Long-term compositional changes after transplant in a microbial mat cyanobacterial community revealed using a polyphasic approach. Environmental Microbiology 3(1):53-62 (2001).  PubMed
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Ph.D. theses
Abed, R.: Variations of community composition of cyanobacterial mats in response to environmental disturbance with emphasis on the biodegradation of petroleum derivatives. Dissertation Universität Bremen, Bremen (2001), 150pp.
Grötzschel, S.: Physiological reactions of hypersaline cyanobacterial mats upon degradation of organic pollutants. Simmering Verlag, Lilienthal (2002), zugleich Dissertation Universität Bremen, Bremen (2001), 148pp.
Stehning, C.: Project study: Theoriegrundlagen, Aufbau und Vermessung eines volloptischen Lichtwellenleiter-Multiplexers (Theory, design and application of optical fiber multiplexers). University Bremen  (2001).

Department of Microbiology

Detmers, J., V. Brüchert, K. Habicht and J. Kuever: Diversity of sulfur isotope fractionations by sulfate-reducing prokaryotes. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 67(2):888-894 (2001).  PubMed  Full Text
Grünberg, K., C. Wawer, B.M. Tebo and D. Schüler: A large gene cluster encoding several magnetosome proteins is conserved in different species of magnetotactic bacteria. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 67(19):4573-4582 (2001).  PubMed  Full Text
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Rabus, R., H. Wilkes, A. Behrends, A. Armstroff, T. Fischer, A.J. Pierik and F. Widdel.: Anaerobic initial reaction of n-alkanes in a denitrifying bacterium: evidence for (1-methylpentyl)succinate as initial product and for involvement of an organic radical in n-hexane metabolism. Journal of Bacteriology 183(5):1707-1715 (2001).  NCBI  Full Text
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Widdel, F. and R. Rabus: Anaerobic biodegradation of saturated and aromatic hydrcarbons. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 12:259-276 (2001).  PubMed
Diploma theses
Meyer, B.: Molekularer Nachweis der dissimilatorischen APS-Reduktase in am Schwefelkreislauf beteiligten Mikroorganismen. Universität Bremen  (2001).
Ph.D. theses
Detmers, J.: An aquifer in the deep subsurface – microbiology and sulfur isotope fractionation.  Dissertation Universität Bremen, Bremen (2001), 118pp.
Kniemeyer, O.: Neuartige Reaktionen beim anaeroben Abbau von Kohlenwasserstoffen - Verwertung von Ethylbenzol und kurzkettigen Alkanen. Dissertation Universität Bremen, Bremen (2001), 145pp.
Könneke, M.: Untersuchung der zellularen Fettsäuren von sulfatreduzierenden Bakterien aus kalten, marinen Sedimenten. Dissertation Universität Bremen, Bremen (2001), 132pp.

Molecular Ecology Group

Amann, R., B. M. Fuchs and S. Behrens: The identification of microorganisms by fluorescence in situ hybridisation. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 12:231-236 (2001).  PubMed
Dubilier, N., C. Mülders, T. Ferdelman, D. De Beer, A. Pernthaler, M. Klein, M. Wagner, C. Erséus, F. Thiermann, J. Krieger, O. Giere and R. Amann: Endosymbiotic sulphate-reducing and sulphide-oxidizing bacteria in an oligochaete worm. Nature 411:298-302 (2001).  PubMed
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Diploma theses
Blazejak, A.: Molekularbiologische Charakterisierung der mit marinen Oligochaeten (Annelida) assoziierten Bakterien. Fachbereich Biotechnologie der Technischen Universität Berlin (2001).
Lemke, A.: Mikrobielle Diversität in gashydrathaltigen Sedimenten. Fachbereich Chemie (Studiengang Marine Umweltwissenschaften) der Universität Oldenburg (2001).
Ph.D. theses
Gieseke, A.: Microscale structure and activity of complex nitrifying wastewater biofilms. Dissertation Universität Bremen, Bremen (2001), 156pp.
Schäfer, H.: Dynamics of the genetic diversity of marine bacterial assemblages. Dissertation Universität Bremen, Bremen (2001), 154pp.
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