Publikationen 2014

Publikationen 2014

Department of Biogeochemistry

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Ph.D. theses
Jessika Füssel: Impacts and importance of ammonia- and nitrite oxidation in the marine nitrogen cycle, Ph.D. theses, Universität Bremen (2014)
Hannah Marchant: Nitrogen cycling in coastal permeable sediments from eutrophied regions, Ph.D. theses, Universität Bremen (2014)

Microsensor Group

Abed RMM, de Beer D, Stief P.: Functional-structural analysis of nitrogen-cycle bacteria in a hypersaline mat from the Omani desert. Geomicrobiology Journal, (2014)  TFO
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Ph.D. theses
Stefan Häusler: The environment, diversity and activity of microbial communities in submarine freshwater springs in the Dead Sea, Universität Bremen (2014)
Arjun Chennu: Hyperspectral mapping of the microscale dynamics of microphytobenthos, Universität Bremen (2014)
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Hannah Brocke: Little Things Become BIG - Drivers and impacts of benthic cyanobacterial mats on coral reefs, Universität Bremen (2014)

Department of Microbiology

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B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses
Barbara Safaric: Purification and characterization of the linalool isomerase from Thauera linaloolentis 47Lol, Master thesis, University of Bremen (2014)
Philipp Joachim Renz: Physiologische Reaktion von Rhodopirellula auf Licht Bachelor thesis, University of Applied Sciences Biberach (2014)
Friederike Eisenberg: Ammonium metabolism of planktonic bacteria Bachelor thesis, Westfälische Hochschule (2014)
Kim Sara Kippe: Charakterisierung von TonB-abhängigen Rezeptorproteinen aus Formosa agariphila, Bachelor thesis, Fachhochschule Emden/Leer (2014)
Mareike Becher: Taxonomic characterization of Gramella forsetii and degradation of polysaccharides by Flavobacteriaceae, Bachelor thesis, Hochschule Furtwangen (2014)
Patrick Scholl: Sequence assembly and annotation of the genome of the planctomycete strain K833, Master thesis, University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven (2014)
Greta Giljan: Polyphasic taxonomy of selected marine Flavobacteria, Bachelor thesis, Hochschule Darmstadt (2014)
Iines Salonen: The diversity of microorganisms in fecal pellets of Salpa Cylindrica compared with associated water samples from the East-Atlantic Ocean, Master thesis, University of Helsinki (2014)
Ph.D. theses
Stefano Romano: Response to phosphate limitation of Pseudovibrio sp. FO-BEG1, a versatile bacterium with the potential for a symbiotic lifestyle, Universität Bremen (2014)
Gao Chen: Physiology of the Anaerobic Degradation of Naphthalene by Marine Sulfate-Reducting Bacteria, Universität Bremen (2014)

Molecular Ecology Group

Bizic-Ionescu M., Zeder M., Ionescu D., Orlic S., Fuchs B. M., Grossart H.-P. and Amann R.: Comparison of bacterial communities on limnic versus coastal marine particles reveals profound differences in colonization. Environmental Microbiology , in press. (2014) Wiley
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Symbiosis Group

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B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses
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Microbial Genomics Group

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HGF MPG Deep-Sea Ecology and Technology Group

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Microbial Fitness Group

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Ph.D. theses
Beate Kraft: Competition in nitrate-reducing microbial communities, Universität Bremen (2014)
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Microbial Habitat Group

Ph.D. theses
Mar Fernandez Mendez: Primary productivity in Arctic sea ice and ocean, Universität Bremen (2014)
Marianne Jacob: Influence of Global Change on microbial communities in Arctic sediments, Universität Bremen (2014)

Mar Mic

B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses
Karen Krüger: Abundance and Arrangements of Carbohyrate-Active Enzymes in Marine Pelagic Flavobacteria. Master thesis 63 pp. University of Bremen (2014)
Nadine Lehnen: The role of Spirochetes in heterotrophic dinitrogen fixation. Master thesis 58 pp. University of Bremen (2014)
Edinson Andrés Puentes Cala: Transposon mutagenesis targeting the linalool metabolism in Thauera linaloolentis 47Lol. Master thesis 78 pp. University of Bremen (2014)
Martijin J. Karreman: Bacterial diversity in salinity gradients of the Baltic Sea. Master thesis 35 pp. University of Bremen (2014)
Jennifer Bachmann: Transcriptomic response of Chaetoceros debilis to ocean acidification and dynamic light. Master thesis 64 pp. University of Bremen (2014)
Anny Cárdenas: Bacterial community shifts and impact on aggregate formation in coral and macroalgae mesocosms under elevated organic carbon and pCO2 concentrations. Master thesis 65 pp. University of Bremen (2014)
Tanja Fischer: Extracellular structures of Flavobacteria. Master thesis 101 pp. University of Bremen (2014)
Sebastian Haas: A biofilm in a sulfidic underwater cave: Evidence for low-light adapted anoxygenic photosynthesis and preliminary insights into sulfur biogeochemistry. Master thesis 67 pp. University of Bremen (2014)
Rebecca Ansorge: Strain diversity and genome evolution in chemoautotrophic symbionts of Bathymodiolus mussels. Master thesis 78 pp. University of Bremen (2014)
Burak Avci: Ecophysiological Role of Reinekea species during a Phytoplankton Bloom in the North Sea. Master thesis 50 pp. Univerity of Bremen (2014)
Ph.D. theses
Gabriela Alfaro Espinoza: A bacteria-plant model system to study nitrogen fixation in mangrove ecosystems, Ph.D theses, Jacobs University (2014)

MPI-ICBM-Brückengruppe für marine Geochemie

Ph.D. theses
Sven Lahme: Physiological and molecular investigation of the anaerobic 4-methylbenzoate and benzoate degradation in Magnetospirillum sp.strain pMbN1, Ph.D. theses, Universität Oldenburg (2014)
Helena Osterholz: From freshly produced compounds to refractory molecules – tracing sources and fate of dissolved organic matter in the ocean. Ph.D. theses, Universität Oldenburg (2014)
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