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21.01.2009 Cruise reports from Maria S. Merian

Scientists report from the German Research Vessel Maria S. Merian about their cruise to the LOGATCHEV hydrothermal vent field.
The German research vessel Maria S. Merian set sail from Las Palmas on the Canary Islands with 14 scientists, 8 ROV (remote operated vehicle) crew members and 23 crew members, to investigate the Logatchev hydrothermal vent field at 14°45’ N, 44°58’ W on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR). This cruise is part of the German Science Foundation’s Priority Program “From Mantle to Ocean” (SPP 1144) in which scientists are working together to better understand the geology, chemistry, and biology of hydrothermal vents on the slow-spreading MAR. We have scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, the IFM-Geomar, the University of Kiel, the University of Hamburg, the Jacob’s University Bremen, and the French CNRS (Biological Station of Roscoff) on this cruise.
ROV Kiel 6000
Harbor test of the ROV Kiel 6000 in Las Palmas
MSM 10/3 (Jan. 11th – Feb. 13th, 2009)
1st weekly report from Nicole Dubilier
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