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Department of Microbiology


Prof. Dr. Friedrich Widdel, Head of the Department of Microbiology and our institute's director from the very start, has entered his well-earned retirement. Here you will find impressions of his farewell.

For questions concerning the work of the Department of Microbiology, please contact Prof. Dr. Jens Harder.

Verabschiedung von Prof. Dr. Friedrich Widdel (MPIMM)
Verabschiedung von Prof. Dr. Friedrich Widdel (MPIMM)
Physiology of bacteria from the carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and iron cycles
Hydrocarbon- and oil-degrading bacteria

The Department of Microbiology investigates the physiology and diversity of aquatic bacteria from the cycles of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and iron. Investigations usually include the isolation of bacteria and their study under defined conditions in the laboratory. Characterization of enrichment and pure cultures is often combined with the analysis of ribosomal nucleic acids, which is carried out in collaboration with the Molecular Ecology laboratory. Major projects are the study of the anaerobic degradation of long-lived natural products such as hydrocarbons, and electro-microbiological processes in the context of anaerobic biocorrosion of iron.


Department of Molecular Ecology

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