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Pyrite framboids from the Great Marsh, Delaware
Pyrite framboids from the Great Marsh, Delaware (c) T. Ferdelman

Sulfur Biogeochemistry

The grease in marine biogeochemical cycles


The cycling of sulfur in marine biogeochemical cycles plays an important role in regulating the redox state of the Earth's atmosphere and ocean.

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Samples for 33P uptake experiments in Baltic Sea
33P Uptake Experiments from the Baltic Sea (c) T. Ferdelman

Phosphorus Cycling

A key nutrient over geological time scales


While the broad outlines of phosphorus cycling in the ocean are known, a mechanistic understanding of P cycling is lacking.

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In Situ Pump and box fish in the middle of the SPG
A puffer fish checks out the Pump-CTD in the clear blue waters of the South Pacific Gyre (c) T. Ferdelman

The South Pacific Gyre

Biogeochemistry of the Ultimate Ocean Desert


Due to its extreme size and remoteness, the surface waters of the South Pacific Subtropical Gyre are the most oligotrophic in the global ocean.

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Onboard R/V Meteor M148/2
Staring into the abyss aboard R/V Meteor M148/2 (c) T. Ferdelman

EreBUS M148/2 Expedition

Nutrient, trace gas and dissolved organic matter cycling in the productive Benguela Current


In the project “EreBUS” biogeochemical processes on a transect through the Benguela Upwelling System and Angola Gyre were studied.

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Former projects


Projects and Cruises pre-2011,including the BONUS Baltic Gas and Sub-seafloor (ocean drilling) projects.

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