Dr. Harald Gruber-Vodicka

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Research Interests

Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity of Marine Symbioses

My research focuses on the biodiversity, ecology and evolution of marine symbioses. I strive to test hypotheses and to gain a mechanistic understanding of the processes that shape the current diversity of marine animal-microbe interactions. For this I use two main models, chemosynthetic symbioses in shallow water sediments and placozoans – microscopic benthic grazers on biofilms. In addition I develop bioinformatics tools to integrate molecular ecology and next generation sequencing.

Main research topics are
  • Host - Symbiont fidelity
  • Symbiont Function
  • Host - Symbiont Interaction
  • Reductive Genome Evolution
  • Host and Symbiont Taxonomy


phyloFlash - rapid reconstruction and phylogenetic exploration of SSU rRNAs from Illumina (meta)genomic or transcriptomic datasets


For a full list of publications, please refer to my Google Scholar Profile

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