Publikationen R Amann PDF 1996


Community analysis of the bacterial assemblages in the winter cover and pelagic layers of a high mountain lake using in situ hybridization.
Identification in situ and dynamics of bacteria on limnetic organic aggregates (lake snow).
In situ visualization of high genetic diversity in a natural microbial community.
Intracellular prokaryotes in rumen ciliate protozoa: detection by confocal laser scanning microscopy after in situ hybridization with fluorescent 16S rRNA probes.
Sequence heterogeneities of genes encoding 16S rRNAs in Paenibacillus polymyxa detected by temperature gradient gel electrophoresis.
Population analysis in a denitrifying sand filter: conventional and in situ identification of Paracoccus sp. in methanol-fed biofilms.
Structure and function of a nitrifying biofilm as determined by in situ hybridization and microelectrodes.
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