Publikationen R Amann PDF 2005


Diversity and distribution of methanotrophic archaea at cold seeps.
Coexistence of bacterial sulfide oxidizers, sulfate reducers, and spirochetes in a gutless worm (Oligochaeta) from the Peru Margin.
Dual symbiosis in a Bathymodiolus mussel from a methane seep on the Gabon continental margin (Southeast Atlantic): 16S rRNA phylogeny and distribution of the symbionts in gills.
Massive nitrogen loss from the Benguela upwelling system through anaerobic ammonium oxidation.
Graphical representation of ribosomal RNA probe accessibility data using ARB software package.
Fate of heterotrophic microbes in pelagic habitats: focus on populations.
Clustered genes related to sulfate respiration in uncultured prokaryotes support the theory of their concomitant horizontal transfer.
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