Publikationen R Amann PDF 2019


Niche dif­fer­en­ti­ation among an­nu­ally re­cur­rent coastal Mar­ine Group II Euryar­chae­ota.

In marine Bacteroidetes the bulk of glycan degradation during algae blooms is mediated by few clades using a restricted set of genes.

Single cell fluorescence imaging of glycan uptake by intestinal bacteria.

Selfish, sharing and scavenging bacteria in the Atlantic Ocean: a biogeographical study of bacterial substrate utilisation.

Polysaccharide utilization loci of North Sea Flavobacteriia as basis for using SusC/D-protein expression for predicting major phytoplankton glycans.


Das Früh­jahrs­mi­kro­bi­om der süd­li­chen Nord­see: Bac­te­rio­plank­ton-Suk­zes­sio­nen und bak­te­ri­el­le Po­ly­sac­cha­ridver­wer­tung in ei­nem Küs­ten­meer.

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