Forschungsgruppe Metabolische Interaktionen

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Our lab studies metabolic interactions between microbes and marine organisms living in symbiosis. We are using modern mass-spectrometry methods to understand which molecules are involved in host-microbe systems, how different metabolites shape the community and also how the symbiotic partner respond metabolically to environmental changes.

The research in his lab is constantly driven by method developments like high-resolution mass-spectrometry imaging to reveal the spatial metabolome of microbial systems. Our expertise is microbial metabolomics with a special focus on marine systems.

Research Group Metabolic Interactions
Research Group Metabolic Interactions
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Metabolic Interactions

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Research projects

Spatial metabolomics with high resolution mass spectrometry imaging

We are working on the development of methods to study microbial metabolism on the µm scale

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Environmental metabolomics

Our methods enable the measurement of metabolites in marine environments (seawater, sediment...)

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Microbial Metabolomics

We analyze the metabolome of marine microbes

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Project seagras meadows

Looking into the interactions between marine plants and their microbes

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