Core Technology

Several core technologies and facilities are used in our research.
© J. Barrero-Canosa / MPI-MM

GeneFISH is based on the Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH), a routine method used in our labs. Click for more...

Automated Microscopy
© A. Ellrott / MPI-MM

The quantification of different types of microorganisms is routine work in microbial ecology. Samples from time-series or transects are enumerated automatically with our 'roboscope' ...

© A. Ellrott / MPI-MM

The CLSM has become our working horse for detecting specific fluorescence signals. Find out more about our instrument ...

© A. Ellrott / MPI-MM

Highest res­ol­u­tion is needed to dis­cover sub-cel­lu­lar struc­tures and mo­lec­ule loc­al­isa­tion. Our latest instruments to overcome the diffraction limit ...

Deep Water Incubator
© A. Ellrott / MPI-MM
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